Upcoming Parties:

September 16th, 2022 - Fall Kickoff

Featuring Dudeskywalker, Velero, Mary Jane, Kike Roldan, Atomyard, Soto, RO3, Grove Shaman & More

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Past Parties:

August 13th, 2022 - Coconut Groove Regatta

Featuring Fiin, Kike Roldan, Atomyard, & Soto


July 23rd, 2022 - Summer Groove

Featuring Kike Roldan, Atomyard, Soto, RO3, Grove Shaman, Velero, Lai Lai, CM


June 11th, 2022 - Grove Tour III

Featuring Nii Tei, Dude Skywalker, Terence Tabeau, Kike Roldan, Atomyard, Soto, Velero, Carlo Colina, Fredro, Kzeus, Amare, Tim Bales, Snuka, Grove Shaman

April 30th, 2022 - Coconut Grove Parranda 5k

Featuring Grove Shaman & Soto

March 19th, 2022 - Island Rehab Project X

Featuring Kike Roldan, Atomyard, Puma, Soto + Conosur

Youtube Video

February 20th, 2022 - Arts Festival Afters

Featuring Grove Shaman & Friends

January 29th, 2022 - Fuller Music Fest

Featuring Jason Rault, Kike Roldan, Atomyard, Grant Grosky, Mau, Beki Powell, Octa Digio, Pablo Huertas, Soto, Grove Shaman + more


December 11th, 2021 - Island Rehab Project IX

Featuring Kike Roldan, Atomyard, Soto, Dude Skywalker + more

November 19th, 2021 - The SPot Barber Shop (Cocowalk)

Featuring Bryan Sanchez, Soto & Grove Shaman


October 9th, 2021 - Island Rehab Project VIII

Featuring Kike Roldan, Atomyard, Soto, Luccio, Penny Lane & Alan Amorozzo

Recap Video


August 7th, 2021 - Island Rehab Project VII

Featuring Kike Roldan, Atomyard, Velero, Rick Rosa, Eve Ava & Mary Jane

Recap Video


June 19th, 2021 - Groove Tour II

Featuring Nii Tei, Fiin, Jason Rault, Soto, Bolla, Uhhhrana & RO3

Recap Video


May 15th, 2021 - Island Rehab Project VI

Featuring Kike Roldan, Atomyard, Soto, Koste

Recap Video


April 16th, 2021 - darelectric +1 at the Electric Cuda

Featuring Darelectric, Mau, Krobbery, Carlisle Drive & Jfonseca

March 27th, 2021 - Islita Meet up

Featuring Soto, EQ, Nico & Dario

February 19th, 2021 - Arts Fest Boogie

Featuring Roujeee & Kzeus

January 29th, 2021 - SoTo's Balcony III

Featuring Carlo Colina & Soto


December 11th, 2020 - SoTo's Balcony II

Featuring Symbiosis & Soto

November 6th, 2020 - SoTo's Balcony

Featuring J Flonseca & Soto

September 4th, 2020 - Soundtuary at Vizcaya

Featuring Apache & Magician on Duty

Magician on Duty - Opening Set

Apache - Sunset Set 

February 7th, 2020 - Demenz +1 at the Electric Cuda

Featuring Demenz, Darelectric & DCC residents

January 18th, 2020 - Groove Tour

Featuring Nii Tei, Dude Sywalker, Kike Roldan, Eveava, Miks, Chris Arana, Soto, Symbiosis, Dariom & Nico


December 17th, 2019 - Miracle in Miami

Featuring Fiin, Miguelle & Tons

November 22nd, 2019 - tavern Takeover V

Featuring EQ, Soto, Symbiosis & Mike Ryan

October 26th, 2019 - Island Rehab Project V

Featuring Kike Roldan, Differ, Atomyard, Lou Flores, EQ, Matt Ohashi & Miks

October 4th, 2019 - Miguelle +1 at the Electric Cuda

Featuring Miguelle, Demenz & DCC residents

August 17th, 2019 - Island Rehab Project IV

Featuring Kike Roldan, Fiin, Atomyard, Eveava, Soto & Metzli

July 12th, 2019 - Tons +1 at the Electric Cuda

Featuring Tons, Miguelle, Miks & Mike Ryan

June 22nd, 2019 - Island Rehab Project III

Featuring Kike Roldan, Nii Tei, Atomyard, Kora Noir, EQ & miks

May 31st, 2019 - Tavern Takeover IV

Featuring Soto & Symbiosis

April 27th, 2019 - Island Rehab Project II

Featuring Kike Roldan, Atomyard, Kora Noir, EQ & Soto

April 26th, 2019 - Archila +1 in the Backroom

Featuring Archila, Tons & Soto

March 23rd, 2019 - Daybreaker at the Barnacle II

Featuring Laura of Miami

March 15th, 2019 - Groove at the Cuda

Featuring Kike Roldan, Puma & Chris Arana

February 15th, 2019 - Sunset at Scotty's II

Featuring Luke Hunter & Mark Salner

February 8th, 2019 - Tavern Takeover III

Featuring EQ, Soto & Kiko

January 11th, 2019 - Jason Rault +1 in the Backroom

Featuring Jason Rault, Archila & Pezlo MD


December 21st, 2018 - Christmas Party

Featuring EQ, Soto & Miks

December 15th, 2018 - Island Rehab Project

Featuring Kike Roldan, Atomyard & EQ

November 30th, 2018 - Tavern Takeover II

Featuring EQ, Soto & Ben Ricketts

November 18th, 2018 - Sunset at Scotty's

Featuring Luke Hunter & Mark Salner

November 2nd, 2018 - Tavern Takeover

Featuring EQ, Soto & Austin Gallagher

October 12th, 2018 - Kike Roldan +1 in the Backroom

Featuring Kike Roldan, Jason Rault, EQ & Pablo Godel

September 29th, 2018 - Daybreaker at the Barnacle

Featuring Dude Skywalker

September 8th, 2018 - Island Party

Featuring Dude Skywalker, Nii Tei & EQ

July 20th, 2018 - Kora Noir +1 in the Backroom

Featuring Kora Noir, Kike Roldan & Pezlo MD

July 14th, 2018 - Island Meet up

Featuring EQ

June 9th, 2018 - Island Party

Featuring Bryan Sanchez, Carlos Gutmann, Juan Fonseca, EQ & Austin Gallagher

May 11th, 2018 - Atomyard +1 in the Backroom

Featuring Atomyard, Kora Noir & Chris Arana

April 14th, 2018 - Island Meet up

Featuring Chris Arana

February 16th, 2018 - Arts Festival Kick Off

Featuring Dude Skywalker, Carlos Gutmann & Chris Arana


December 22, 2017 - Christmas Party

Featuring Chris Arana

October 20th, 2017 - Fiin +1 in the Backroom (Launch Party)

Featuring Fiin & Bryan Sanchez

August 19th, 2017 - Island Party

Featuring Fiin