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Coconut Groove focuses on curating unique experiences and creating high energy moments through underground dance music in the heart of Coconut Grove.

Known to be Miami's most historic town, Coconut Grove has always attracted many of the area’s most accomplished artists, musicians and creative writers since the early 1960’s.


Island Rehab Project - Escape from reality to an island off the coast of Dinner Key for a day into night experience that promotes community, sustainability and freedom of expression. Enjoy Miami's warm waters by lounging in an island connecting sandbar or dance in the sand to legendary Castaways residents Kike Roldan, Atomyard and their guests. "La islita provides"


Electric Cuda - Dive bar meets underground rave in this intimate showcase of some of Miami's most talented and well known Djs. A chain of invites has kept this party evolving, as each featured artist gets to invite a +1, who will then be the featured artist for the next party. Streamed live and recorded giving it an authentic and raw "boiler room" feel.

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